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This program helps purpose driven Space and Tech Leaders build their brands from scratch
Personal Brand for Space Leaders
why you should start building your personal brand right now - If you're not a brand, you don't exist.
Give us 2 months and people in and out of the industry will talk about YOU.
If it’s not enough, here are three more reasons why:

  1. Leave a legacy;
  2. Achieve career heights;
  3. Become a star entrepreneur.
10+ years in marketing and communications (SpaceWatch.Global, UNOOSA, Siemens, OMV)
Education: Bachelor's in Business, Master's in International Development, TV Journalism

Founder of Re.Brand Academy, an EdTech company designed to help space leaders grow their visibility
TOP 100 Women in Aerospace and Aviation to follow on Linkedin
Judge of an international Space Prize Challenge
IAC 2023 official Ambassador
Ksenia Ozkok
Mentor of Space Leaders
Journalist and Speaker
My mission is to create 5000 Leaders of tomorrow
Our program's graduates are from 25 countries
gave training to 2000+ EXPERTS
200+ publications within two months in top media outlets for a space start-up
Step-by-step mentoring map
Persona Audit
Mission & Goal Setting
Mindset & Confidence
Market Analysis
Business & Marketing Strategy
Brand Visual
Audience Growth & Outreach
Business & Career Growth
Image & Positioning
Personal Brand Development
Content Plan
Public Speaking Skill


This program is designed for successful:
C-Level Executives
Students & Young Professionals
We use a unique YSP method for developing personal brands. This approach focuses
on the outstanding results in your business and career and goes beyond audience reach, views, and popularity. This is especially true for astro-entrepreneurs and C-level experts.
How is our approach different from others?
Why should you join this program?
No matter how wild is your idea - I can help you achieve it! I’ve already helped dozens of professionals from all possible and impossible domains of the Space Industry.
  • Space Lawyers
  • Nutritionists
  • Archeologists
  • Analog astronauts
  • Writers
  • Marketologists
  • Doctors
  • Engineers
  • Designers
  • IT
  • Educators
  • Researchers
Need a Mentor?

The launch
to 5000 Space and Tech
Leaders begins with you.
The launch to 5000 Space and Tech Leaders begins with you.
I‘ll help you to find your space path
Emily Apollonio
CEO and Founder @Interstellar Performance Labs
"Although I know and understand that I am the one who put in the work to get to where I am today, there is no way I could have done it without the guidance and mentorship of Ksenia. She really knows her stuff and I would be a shame for anyone to let their ideas and ambitions go to waste simply because they didn't know how to execute. Ksenia helped me take action and execute! My work with her paid off tenfold."
Smit Patel
Aerospace Engineer
"I give great credit to @spacexenia for motivating and inspiring me to take on a lot of projects and become active in the field rather than being just a normal student."
Valeriya Barashkova
Co-Founder @Aerospace Capital
"I understood that I need to develop my Personal brand to build trust with customers, bring more clients aboard the Soyuz-2 rocket, create trust and spread awareness on this astonishing and important topic. My biggest fear at the start was exposing of myself across the media, as I really got used to "work in the dark – to serve the light" for years, however along with the Covid-19 situation and closed borders, starting my personal brand became a must.

I couldn't start for so long because I needed to have a long-term strategy for my personal pages and spacexenia is a true magician – Xenia understands my priorities and goals and leads my strategy and helps in every possible way. I cannot be more thankfull to you Xenia for everything you do for me and the space industry. I totally recommend everyone who is passionate about the space industry's development to get aboard the spacexenia's program. Proven reliability and much more."
Dr. Сem Duran
Deputy General Manager @Teknopark
"@spacexenia ve ekibine çok teşekkür ederim. Daha yeni başlamamıza rağmen güzel sonuçlar elde ettik. Elde etmeye de devam edeceğiz daha uzun yıllar beraber çalışacağımıza inanıyorum."

Thank you, @spacexenia, and your team. Despite the fact that we have just recently begun, we have already seen positive outcomes. We will continue to succeed, and I look forward to many more years of great collaboration.
Anthony Matthews
"I learned so much from this course that it is difficult to know where to start. I discovered a vibrant community of space afficionados with an interest in space that flourished outside of the narrow world of the big space organizations that I had worked for. I was encouraged to create my own space persona AntyMatterSpace and initiate a set of interviews. I interacted with all kinds of people from social scientists to policy makers and astrobiologists. I initiated some Clubhouse meetings. I put all the value I learned from the course into these activities. I also made many connections especially in the UK as a direct result of the outreach methods I learned."
Logan Philbrick
"This course exceeded my expectations! I wasn't expecting the amount of work for the course but it was very worth it.
This course has a lot of valuable information and the teachers are very knowledgeable. I trust them and the course is worth a lot more than it's on sale for!"
Alla Levin
"I have received a significant amount of knowledge. I believe I will continue to implement them as my activity progress. But one of the most significant things I have implemented is strategy development and identifying my role in the space industry. Since the course triggered many professional and personal life changes, I realize that everything that I have learned will be implemented constantly in my life.
One of the most informative and inspiring space related courses"
Alessia Gloder
"Before the course I didn't even think about how many possibilities there are out there related to personal branding and space communication. I started this course in a very complex moment of my life, as I am going through a serie of personal and professional changes and I am still trying to figure out who I am and what I want. This course helped me understand all this a bit better, forced me to think about several aspects of my life and allowed me to know myself a bit better. It has been much more than just a course, it has been a life-changing experience, an eye-opener."