Redefining Possibilities in CubeSat Technology
Our journey with Aerospace Capital, a venture close to our hearts, began with a longstanding professional relationship with Valeria, the co-founder of the company. Our collaboration dates back to her role as a Marketing Specialist at GK Launch Services. Two years ago, we took on the challenge of enhancing Aerospace Capital's brand positioning through personal branding and later embarked on an extensive Social Media and Marketing Campaign in 2022.
Point A: The Challenge -
Aerospace Capital, a successful developer and manufacturer of separation systems for CubeSats, sought to increase recognition in various regions and expanding visibility in a diverse range of 24 countries in total, including UAE, India, China, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico.
Comprehensive Campaign Strategy:
Developed a targeted social media campaign strategy with a particular emphasis on platforms like Vkontakt and Telegram.
Point B: Results -
The campaign surpassed expectations, achieving significant milestones in a short span.
Social Media Following:
Successfully built a following from scratch on Telegram in two languages, Russian and English, growing from 0 to a total of 500 followers within 1.5 months.
Next Plans
Continued Coverage: Ongoing coverage of Aerospace Capital through SpaceXenia's Astropreneur project, including interviews with key figures and strategic partners.

Launch Events: Invited to cover Aerospace Capital's 2024 launch in Vostochniy launchpad as media partners, contributing to the continued success and promotion of the company on a global scale.
Our collaboration with Aerospace Capital exemplifies the power of strategic social media and marketing campaigns in propelling a company's global expansion and operational achievements.
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Image credit: ROSCOSMOS

Aerospace Capital emerges as a trailblazer in the realm of CubeSat technology, revolutionizing space exploration with innovative separation systems. Founded by visionary leaders, including co-founder Valeria Barashkova, our journey began with a shared commitment to push the boundaries of what's possible in the cosmos.