Project that features conversations with real people behind the final frontier
The Astropreneur project, a proud component of the SpaceXenia brand, embodies a long-standing dream of showcasing the humanism within the space industry. As the driving force behind the project, I envisioned a podcast that delves beyond numbers and statistics, presenting authentic conversations with the real individuals shaping the final frontier. The project aimed not only to inform but to inspire Generation Z, offering them a platform to join the space sector.
Point A: |
The journey began with a passion for storytelling and a commitment to presenting individuals in a three-dimensional perspective. Rejecting conventional Zoom interviews, the vision was to capture emotions and the spark in their eyes through high-quality video and sound. To prepare for this venture, a 1.5-year education in TV Journalism was undertaken, ensuring professionalism from the project's inception.
Channel Launch:
Astropreneur started from scratch, requiring a distinct brand identity and style.
Current Results and Ongoing Evolution
While Astropreneur is continually evolving, the current outcomes showcase substantial progress. The project's website is fully functional, and brand guidelines contribute to a cohesive visual identity. The YouTube channel has amassed 14,000 views, indicating a positive reception from the audience.
Next Steps and Continued Experimentation
The journey with Astropreneur is an ongoing exploration, marked by continuous experimentation and adaptation. Each podcast season brings new changes and enhancements to ensure that the project remains dynamic and engaging. Interviews with prominent figures in the space industry contribute to the channel's success, providing viewers with unique insights and perspectives.
The collaboration between Re.Brand Agency and the Astropreneur project exemplifies the fusion of creativity, professionalism, and a deep passion for space exploration. As the project continues to unfold, we remain dedicated to refining and enhancing every element to deliver an unparalleled experience to our audience. Stay tuned for the next season of Astropreneur as we continue to unveil the stories behind the final frontier.
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