Launch your space mission off the pale BluDot
The collaborative journey between us and BluDot began in 2019 during the COPUOS technical session at UNOOSA in Vienna. Inspired by Lama AlOraiman’s unwavering dedication to bringing the wonders of space to Kuwait, our professional relationship evolved from a chance encounter to a dynamic partnership.

Connects space startup owners, young professionals, students, and researchers with vital resources such as space agencies, universities, business incubators, supply chains, and more, all within the convenience of a mobile app.

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The initial connection at COPUOS unfolded organically. While covering social media for the event, we found ourselves resolving technical challenges during a live stream featuring astronaut Sandy Magnus. This unexpected collaboration laid the foundation for a fruitful partnership, leading to the development of Lama's personal brand strategy and her integration into our focus group. From mentorship, our collaboration evolved as we became co-founders, ready to embark on a new venture.
Evolution of Lama and BluDot
Over the years, Lama's personal brand witnessed remarkable growth. From billboards and national TV appearances to speaking engagements at Forbes Middle East events, she emerged as an ambassador for prestigious brands. The pinnacle of recognition came with an invitation from the Crown Prince of Kuwait, acknowledging Lama's dedication to the space sector. Now, poised for a new journey, Lama envisioned a platform connecting diverse space actors, propelling our professional collaboration to a new level.
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With BluDot's inception, our collaborative efforts extended to creating a comprehensive brand identity and marketing strategy from scratch. As co-founders, our goal was to establish BluDot as a beacon in the space sector.
Brand Identity Development:
Crafted a distinctive brand identity reflective of BluDot's mission and vision.
Current Results and Ongoing Work
The initial phases have yielded tangible outcomes, including a comprehensive Brand Book, a fully functional website, and bespoke apparel. Our journey with BluDot is ongoing as we tirelessly work on other elements, including the BluDot Platform development, to ensure they meet their goals and connect the space sector.

Stay tuned as we unveil more elements that will further amplify BluDot's cosmic narrative.

The collaboration with BluDot exemplifies the transformative power of strategic branding and the potential that emerges when shared passion converges with purpose. As co-founders, we are committed to propelling BluDot to new heights, one stellar achievement at a time.
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