Make yourself visible!
Unlock your Superpowers and Explode your Space Growth in 7 weeks!
You arrived just in time, if you
want to actively shape your career and even create your dream role
are looking for an opportunity to unlock your superpowers as a leader and space professional
are stuck in the search for your path in the space (or tech) industry
want to boost your self-confidence
want to attract new opportunities
Welcome to our Re.Brand Academy, Smart People!
Let’s achieve dreams together!
want to build your own & unique space-related business from idea to success
can’t find support among your closest people, and you’re tired of being alone
You are NOT alone! You are just invisible
It’s time for you to lose the cloak of invisibility, and start being seen!
Three core pillars to unlock your superpowers and build your success
it’s the cornerstone of pleasure! Where? How? What? We help you see the bigger picture of your goals, define the path to get you there and give you the necessary context knowledge and helpful tools on how to success in the industry
it’s what makes us humans successful! Feedback, inspiration, support, shared experience: together we grow, together we enjoy, together we succeed. We offer access to a caring and supportive community of professionals from all around the world that is united by one goal: lifting each other up
it’s what makes people aware of you! It doesn’t matter whether you want to get hired for a job, want to gain clients for your business, or establish yourself as a space communicator - people need to be able to find you! So, it’s necessary nowadays to have an online presence and create a personal brand
What if you could dive into all three elements while learning from the best and most accomplished teachers from various tech and science industries?

Well, actually, you can!
Our New Program
Space Re.Brand is the answer you are looking for!
What’s inside?
Course Starts on 6th of December!
Ready to become our Student?
7 3/4 weeks of self-paced and fun learning
Video lectures with fresh ideas and insights from space industry
Top-Tier Speakers
Extensive knowledge library
Networking and brainstorm sessions
Support of our highly qualified tutors
Bonus materials for every question you might have (guides, checklists, mindmaps, templates)
A community dedicated to connecting professionals, entrepreneurs, and space industry leaders
Endless possibilities to achieve your dreams
Our mission is to increase Space outreach
Studies show that there is a huge gap between space and the public
Also, tech-heavy fields and science-based industries often seem exclusive and just for the select few geniuses of our species
We are building the community for space professionals all around the world - from entrepreneurs to experts to communicators and influencers - to help them grow together and make our world a better place for all!
They will inspire the next generation of
leaders, learners, and innovators
Our students are future role models as Neil Armstrong and Yuri Gagarin
were before them!
We want to change that!
Our Students are:
Leaders and communicators, who want to educate, inspire and entertain their audience via digital platforms
Entrepreneurs who want to build a successful business in the space industry
Space, tech, and STEAM experts aiming for the highest career opportunities
Young professionals and students from all disciplines willing to push forward the space industry with new discoveries, innovations, and ideas
Want to become one of them?
What do they say about our program?
Christina-Ariadni Valagkouti
Working with Ksenia really helps you tap into your potential!
Alessandro Bassi
The perfect starting point to define your career in space
Dimitri Martin
This course is the one stop for all things personal branding in the space world
Lama Al-Oraiman
A great way to kickstart your career in the sector while being surrounded by inspirational people from all over the world
Shinul Paul
Work with Ksenia is life changing and career building!
Ayla Wolf
Be prepared to dive deep. You will learn about Social Media Marketing, about branding, and more. But you will also go much deeper than that: considering your own skills, knowledge, hopes, dreams, goals, and more. Also, be prepared to really invest time and brain space. If you want to get the most out of all that is offered, you will have to do your part. You can be sure Ksenia and her team do theirs!
Mark Wagner
This course was a comprehensive curriculum on branding and marketing focused on the space industry!
- I'd love to share anything related to Space Education, and entrepreneurship, having run a successful bootstrapped company for 15 years, and now being in an accelerator pursuing VC funding!
Good luck, have fun, and learn a lot. ;) Ad Astra!
Merve Balaban
It was an amazing base to create your own carrier plan! Which is the most critical point to achieve your goals. The course was very well thought out and prepared with a lot of effort. Love you, your team and your work!
Emil Juhazs
Personal branding is something that is becoming more relevant nowadays, and especially if you are someone who want more from his career, you need this course to help you navigate through all the informational noise.
Smit Patel
My 3 friends are already in our Space Community and a few other enrolled on my recommendation. The only thing I told them was that if they want to do more or have dreams in their hearts and want to find a way to realize them in the space industry, Ksenia is a person you need to surround yourself with.
Selene Cannelli
It's the chance to get insights in the world of marketing and branding, to ask all the questions you didn't know who could answer.
You'll then be introduced into a supportive community of space lovers where together you can keep growing.
Kristina Ganchenko
I would describe the course as highly concentrated, full of practical examples and tools to start acting on your life and career goals. The live element offered in the course was great for understanding the material, digging deeper into the topic of goal setting, for motivation, encouragement and finding like-minded people within the space community
Our Houses
Do you have a business and want to learn how to grow your reach? Or do you have an idea for a startup but can’t wrap your head around where to start?

Then the Business Faculty is for you!

It combines practical experience and industry knowledge to help you excel in your existing business or create a unique, sustainable, and successful startup. Avoid painful mistakes, develop your business, and position yourself as a thought leader in your niche. With your course peers, you hit the ground running and get a like-minded sounding board to discuss all business questions. This community connects people from all over the world with many different talents, backgrounds, interests, ambitions, and approaches, and helps them grow their businesses together!

House Lead: Mark Wagner

Qualities of our students include honesty, discipline, leadership, patience, courage, and imagination
Space communicators, speakers, and ambassadors promote diversity and inclusiveness. They share knowledge and open the world of space to the public. With this, they help to combat the stereotype that space is exclusive and not for everyone. There is a huge responsibility on those who choose the path of being a voice for large audiences.

If you dream of sharing your story, your science, or your passion with people - our Communicators Faculty is the right place for you to start!

We help our students become not only excellent speakers but also role models for the next generations. And don’t worry if large crowds or putting yourself out there seem scary - it’s all in the practice, the mindset, and the support system. All of which you get and develop here!

House Lead: Christina-Ariadni Valagkouti

Qualities of our students include communication, charisma, storytelling, curiosity, passion, empathy, and creativity
Here is to all career achievers - the ones, who want to conquer the corporate world, and find or create the job they love. Starting out in your career? Pivoting in the one you have? Or striving to climb the career ladder all the way to the stars - aka top decision-maker positions?

Then the Career Faculty is for you.

Learn how to present yourself online and offline, improve your CV and LinkedIn profile, and master the art of networking - without the awkward feeling of not knowing how to approach people or what to say. We’ve got you covered with hands-on skills and a network to kick off strong!

House Lead: Ayla Wolf

Qualities of our students include leadership, commitment, ambition, goal-focusing, loyalty, communication, and confidence
Our academy offers three faculties or houses - each in line with a specific dream. You can choose which faculty suits your dream best. Your faculty will be your home and your peer group. You will share class material and you can earn house points together.

The three houses are called Bransoneurs, Shotwellers, and Nyetors.
Each house has its own qualities and strength.
We look forward to you adding yours!
Our community values embody our commitment to uniting the space community and creating an environment of trust, respect, and support among our students and mentors!
It all starts with PEOPLE
Hall of Fame
Meet the brightest minds on the planet - our alumni!
Meet our Founder
  • Author of a course on personal branding in the space industry

  • Inspirational Space communicator, speaker and journalist

  • Space Ambassadors’ Mentor

  • Co-founder of Re.Gravity – boutique marketing agency for space-related projects

  • Judge and Mentor of an international Space Prize Challenge

  • TOP 100 Women in Aerospace and Aviation to follow on LinkedIn in 2022

  • 10 years of experience in marketing and communications (Spacebit, SpaceWatch.Global, UNOOSA, Siemens, OMV)
Ksenia Ozkok
Meet our new & former speakers
Meet our new & former speakers
Greatest experts from different Industry Branches will share their vast experience with you!
Anastasi in Tech
Senior Engineer & Tech Influencer
Aerospace Systems Safety Engineer, Well-being Ambassador
Tanya Harrison
Director of Science Strategy, Planet
Bailey Burns
Aerospace Systems Engineer
Victorious Baraldi
CEO Exodus
Stacey Medvedeva
TV Producer
Torsten Kriening
SpaceWatch.Global Publisher
Camille Calibeo
Advanced Programs BizDev Lead at Orbit Fab | @TheGalacticGal
Kateryna Aheieva
Business Development Manager, LuxSpace
Alina Vizireanu
Business Analyst at Dalcour Maclaren | Consultant for Space Education & Geospatial projects
Ayla Wolf
Content Manager in Product Marketing | Cultural Anthropologist | Space and Society Researcher
Gonçalo Esteves
Space Evangelist
Merve Balaban
Aerospace Engineer Women in tech
Alessia Gloder
CEO Astradyne
Smit Patel
Personal Brand Establishment Communication Strategy Expert
Helen Tung
NewSpace2060 Founder
You will meet them live, or via pre-recorded lectures in the course or in our Knowledge Library!
Valentina Ryzhkova
Author & Awards Winning Screenwriter | Storytelling Mentor | Content Strategist
Lama Aloraiman
Co-Founder of Ignition | Emerging Space Leader
Joshgun Karimov
Author and Public Speaking Coach
About Our Course
with the combined knowledge of all previouscourses
can you unlock all secret passageways to wisdom?
Hidden library
Endless opportunities
And even more
Lectures from
Industry Speakers
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Points for most successful students
Healthy competition between houses
A game-like environment with easy-to-access features
Diagrams & charts
Practice sessions
Masterminds and brainstorms
Activity sprints
Peer-reviewed assignments
Graded assignments
Personal feedback from experienced tutors
Live lectures with top-tier speakers
A supportive and passionate community
Constant networking
The best students will get special awards:
*the most precious one
Wanna win them all???
Course Starts on 6th of December!
Don’t miss your opportunity!
Ticket to one of the best space conferences
Full-year LinkedIn premium subscription
Recommendation letter from Ksenia!
Valuable prizes that will boost your path in the industry!
Course Program
Back to school
1. About the course

2. Academy principles that will help you think bigger and achieve your goals

3. Work-Life balance: plan your time wisely

4. Set your course goals
Goals set, time planned, all systems clear, liftoff!

Based on the resources you already have you will define your mission and create the ultimate strategy that will become the foundation of your entire learning path
  • Progress tracker chart
  • Corresponding literature & reference list
  • Gratitude log template
  • Time planner template in Notion
  • Course calendar with all upcoming events and deadlines
  • LinkedIn template
  • Stories template
Module 1
  • Goal decomposition template
  • Your hero’s journey
  • Scroll of fears checklist
  • Niche searching algorithm
  • Inner power unlocking techniques
  • IKIGAI chart
Unlock your superpowers

Leave your fears behind

Define your mission using our favorite IKIGAI technique and share it with the world using the tools you have collected during this module
1. Unlock your superpowers
2. IKIGAI - How to define your mission and set the right goal to follow your heart
3. Free your mind from fears
4. Positioning
5. Your hero's journey
6. Roadmap
  • Dark sides checklist

  • Ultimate values table

  • Test: archetypes

  • Cheat-sheet archetypes (with examples of space professionals)

  • Brand values guide

  • Brand voice guide

  • Target audience advanced mindmap (for VIP only)

  • Target audience persona study
  • Brand identity elements

  • Brand story template & examples

  • Writings templates

  • Circle matrix chart
Build your personal brand based on your values and archetypes

Find your tone of voice

Get to know your target audience and establish a presence for yourself, your career, or your business so everyone in the industry will know who you are and what you do!
1. Personal brand - 101: everything you gotta know

2. Brand archetypes

3. Target audience

4. Outstanding presence

5. Your personal brand matrix
  • Storytelling guide & cheat-sheets

  • Filming & editing guide

  • Engagement techniques template

  • Tech posts analysis & examples

  • Films to watch list

  • Books to read list

  • The ultimate guide to content ideas + creation

  • Editorial template for content planning in Notion

  • Content planning tools & templates
Build communication with colleagues in the space sector and start off collaborations with ease!

Learn to convey complex scientific content easily and clearly to a broader audience
Win the hearts and minds with your performance at any conference or event you’re attending

Master the art of storytelling to persuade others about anything you want with passion and care

Use text, video, and social media to share your passion and be a role model for future generations!
1. The objective truth

2. Art of storytelling

3. Public speaking

4. Video making

5. Persuasive writing

6. Communication with broader audiences

7. Social media
  • Guide: How to find the greatest idea

  • Guide: How to monetize your passion

  • Scroll of rookie mistakes - for every branch

  • CV - 101

  • Resume - 101

  • Template: Budget planning for a startup

  • Viral tech posts analysis
Create an effective CV

Boost your resumé

Find out how to get the offer of your dreams

Understand the whole process of job selection

Learn how to nail interviews

Choose a profitable and inspiring direction for your business

Avoid the mistakes that everyone else makes

Set up a budget

Meet investors and learn how to communicate your idea clearly

Grow your dream business

Become a paid ambassador of your favorite brand

Create a space or tech community from scratch and monetize it

Learn how to inspire others with your dreams

Master the art of communication
1. Career
Rookie mistakes
How to stop being a volunteer and start earning
Prepare yourself for a bright future
Practice: speaker on career
How to get a promotion?

2. Creators
Rookie mistakes
Create a science-minded community
Master the art of communication
How to create viral content
Ways of monetization

3. Business
Rookie mistakes
Business pitch from idea to investors
Budget planning for a startup
Online business and ways of monetization
Get inside the investor’s head!
Attention! You will get access to only ONE of three branches (aka faculties or houses) - based on your background and goals. If you would like to get access to other branches, you can earn it by earning points for completing course assignments, participating in extracurricular activities, and helping other students! Also, you will be able to purchase other branches if you couldn’t collect enough points