How to create and monetize an online community
Hello there, Smart People! It’s Valentina again! I promise, this lecture won’t have that big of a homework as my previous one had haha! Just a quick introduction before we dive into actual steps that will help you build your community: my team and I have been running the biggest space-related community on social media called VK for more than 5 years now. We started from scratch and over time united more than 75.000 people, interested in space exploration & science.

That wasn’t a “walk in the park”, we’ve made TONS of mistakes and had faced major problems, but there always were some pinpoints that helped us stay on track and stay true to our audience. I would love to help you avoid mistakes that we’ve made, that’s why I’ve created this lecture with some basic steps that we recommend you to follow if you want to create a successful & profitable online community! Hope you will find it useful!

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