I'm happy I get to have this community and to know so amazing and driven people!

You are the most amazing mentor! It's all thanks to you and all the tips you kept on providing me
Goal: work for a boss like Ksenia or work for Ksenia!
Life will be so much better if there were more Ksenias in the world.

Hey Ksenia! I am soooo excited about the course! I find it really cool and interesting and you invite super amazing people! Thanks a lot to you and your team! Really amazing!
Your advices made be able to have the clarity that I never had before!

In fact! Probably without this course I would never have understood the importance of a mentor and it would not have been easy for me to make certain evaluations and even find the courage to admit to myself that a career as a "standard" engineer in a company is not necessarily what suits best for me
Ksenia, it was you who emboldened me to even apply as a speaker to my first IAC and it is you who taught me to set myself up for the path that I am taking. There are and will be other mentors and supporters, but you are the first that ever showed me how inviting an advisor to accompany you in your journey can make all the difference in the world.
I feel that you have a very beautiful emotional connection with every aspect of your course. I really appreciate it and I wish all the teachers were just like you!
Ksenia, there are not enough words in this universe to appreciate the power of this course, that you've created! This new space journey is something out of this world Thank you so much many many times!!!

I worked on the goal oriented approach that I learnt from you! It has completely changed me as a person and has lead to exponential growth in my productivity and flow of ideas! Thank you very much for all that!!
I give great credit to Ksenia for motivating and inspiring me to take on a lot of projects and become active in the field rather than being just a normal student. I have seen my friends from first batch and I can't be more excited and proud of you, for what you have done so far. I have no doubt about how amazing things you will be doing. I am so excited to connect with all of you and be part of your amazing space journey!
As a former student of @spacexenia, I can say with all my cosmic heart that no matter what your mission is in life, even if you don't know yet what that is.. we humans always need guidance from teachers and mentors to help us get to where we want to be And @ spacexenia is truly one of the best in the Universe!

The course has an orderly and clear methodology; the contents are understood and a lot of work has to be done - which is good. The best thing is that a community is created to be able to think about new projects. This course helped me to trust my experience and my abilities to enter the space sector

If you want to get in touch with some lovely people in Tech industry and STEM marketing and learn about how Science is going to change the future - you need to go for this course!
This course has a lot of valuable information and the teachers are very knowledgeable. I trust them and the course is worth a lot more than it's on sale for!
Be prepared to dive deep. You will learn about Social Media Marketing, about branding, and more. But you will also go much deeper than that: considering your own skills, knowledge, hopes, dreams, goals, and more. Also, be prepared to really invest time and brain space. If you want to get the most out of all that is offered, you will have to do your part. You can be sure Ksenia and her team do theirs!
My expectations were exceeded: there was a lot of material and tasks to do, intense personal work, a beautiful community that I did not expect to find, good content and good tutors!
The IKIGAI lesson and really being forced to think about where space and I meet, so to say. It is one thing to know how to deal with social media. But finding your place in that picture is the single most difficult and yet most needed thing. The most insightful and memorable part of the experience was getting your feedback and having someone who really cares about your project and gives you an honest opinon on how to get further ahead with it!

Firstly, I wish you all the best! Secondly, I wish you many more succesful course participants! And thirdly, I wish for you to continue to make such an impact on the space industry and on making it a more open space (pun intended) for everyone that's interested!
I hope Ksenia and her team move forward with this and evolve into something gigantic in the future! a one-stop for online science education! Ksenia and her team has the motivation and passion to turn this whole enterprise into one huge entity. I shall always be there to support you all in whatever way possible. "Stars are the limit”!!!