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We partner with leaders—individuals or companies, having encountered 100+ space brands. Our simple, tailored approach defies one-size-fits-all solutions.

Every brand has a unique story; we ensure yours authentically resonates. Our collaborative process explores the 'what' and 'why,' going beyond the typical client-agency relationship to become an extension of your vision.

We selectively work with individuals and startups, investing in those we believe in. If you're here, it's because we're committed to helping you thrive.

10+ years in marketing and communications (SpaceWatch.Global, UNOOSA, Siemens, OMV)
Journalist and Speaker
Founder of Re.Brand Academy, an EdTech company designed to help space leaders grow their visibility
TOP 100 Women in Aerospace and Aviation to follow on Linkedin
Judge of an international Space Prize Challenge
IAC 2023 official Ambassador
Ksenia Ozkok
Education: Bachelor's in Business (WU Vienna), Master's in International Development (University of Vienna), TV Journalism (Ostankino TV School)
Brand Identity
Brand Audit | Competitors analysis | Audience analysis | BrandBook | Brand Packaging
We start by conducting a thorough research, aiming to grasp the intricacies of your company, the industry landscape, your audience, and the competitive scene. It becomes the bedrock for the strategic blueprint and foundational elements that shape the unique brand we build for you
Brand Message
Building on the foundation of a distinctive brand identity, our next frontier is crafting a compelling brand message. Beyond visual elements, we specialize in developing a resonant narrative that breathes life into your brand. From taglines that encapsulate your essence to messaging strategies that speak directly to your audience, we meticulously curate a brand message that not only aligns with your identity but also engages and captivates.
Value proposition | Mission & Vision | Products description | Brand Promise
Brand Communication
After crafting a resonant brand message, we seamlessly transition into the realm of brand communication. Here, we excel in translating your brand's narrative into a language that not only resonates but reverberates across diverse social media platforms. Whether fine-tuning your communication strategy or crafting compelling content, our tailored approach ensures each touchpoint serves to amplify your brand's distinctive voice.
Tone of voice | Social Media | PR & Advertising | Collaborations | Content planning
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