Pioneering the Future of Lunar Exploration
In the spring of 2019, our journey with Spacebit began at a space conference in Vienna, where I met Pavlo, the founder, through the unmistakable space stickers on his laptop. Inspired by Spacebit's ambitious goals for the first commercial UK mission to the Moon, I was eager to lend our expertise in marketing and PR to ensure their groundbreaking efforts received the attention they deserved.

Spacebit Is A British Privately Held Company Developing Space Robotics Technology For Lunar And Planetary Missions. The Company Was Founded In 2014 By Ukrainian Pavlo Tanasyuk

Point A: The Challenge -
Upon our initial engagement, Spacebit had secured funding, had a strong vision, and even entered into a contract with ULA for their lunar rover. However, their remarkable achievements were not yet in the spotlight.
Strategic Planning:
Developed a comprehensive Marketing & PR Strategy for the next year, with agile adjustments made on a weekly basis due to the unexpected surge in publicity.
Point B: Results -
In a span of just three months, our collaborative efforts yielded remarkable results.
Global Media Coverage:
Secured publications in over 200 top-tier media outlets worldwide, including BBC, Forbes, The Times, The Guardian, Tech Crunch, CNBC, Reuters, ensuring Spacebit's story reached diverse audiences globally.
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Image credit: Spacebit

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